vintage red jacket, J. Crew peacoat, AA dress, Target tights, Jante platforms, random scarf
This was originally an unflattering, strange, very 80's, two-piece yet connected dress (yeah, doesn't make sense to me either) but after cutting off the skirt and turning it into a dress and taking this top jacket-like style and wearing it as is, I like it much better and it actually makes a little sense. I completely redesigned and fitted the bottom portion which I wore for Valentine's Day and I'm debating what I should do with this jacket/shirt/dress. After asking a few people's opinions I'm pretty sure I'll turn it into a cropped tuxedo-esque jacket (#1 below) Which I'm pretty excited about. This particular outfit was more like a little dress-up fun trying to see if it was even possible to make look cool in a slightly normal setting (verdict: um, I guess so).


Aris said...

I have to say that I love this outfit.

Especially with your chosen background, the green of the lights, (your red dresses complimentary colour!) and the blackness really develop your outline and bring out the beauty in the red.

I give the outfit five stars. Don't change it, I'm in love. :]]

Tariro said...

THOSE ARE SOME HOT SHOES! Lol. You're so fashionable its awesome! <3