Tis the season

you are about to embark upon an abnormally large picture post

Since last time: picked out a christmas tree in the rain; watched the sun rise over the city; christmas caroled to my brother and his fiance; enjoyed a bit of sunshine; painted my nails green and my lips red; took part in an impromptu wedding reception for my brother and new sister in law (who got married in August) simply so there was a good reason to cut the beautiful cake my mom made; watched Avatar twice (yes Mars, we went to see it again the day after you left) which all of you MUST see, it was beautiful!! designed and sewed a christmas dress for our army themed christmas eve dinner (to honor my brother and his girlfriend who are in Iraq) that looks eerily similar to Balmain S/S 10; spent christmas day opening presents and playing epic games of imaginary baseball, Loaded Questions, Jenga, and Taboo; went to San Francisco for a day and ate lunch at a diner in Ghirardelli Square; actually went inside that huge cathedral you always drive by but never stop at; admired townhouses; got rained on while exploring the Haight; took refuge in the most enormous mall ever; ate dinner at another diner because nobody had energy to look for somewhere nicer; drove up to the snow for a day of sledding for my sister's birthday; and had a very dangerous snowball fight with huge clods of snow. -Among other things :)
How was your christmas?


Dylana said...

Love the pics! You look gorgeous! Happy new year!


Anonymous said...

You and I had similar ideas for our most recent post. Love your green dress and shoes!