I've been admiring these shoes from a distnace ever since I saw them stomping down that Louis Vuitton runway. They looked DIYable enough so I decided to look for a perfect pair of heels and just go from there. Well, after a year of making sure to search every shoe store I went through, I finally looked into my closet and it was like a light bulb turned on in my brain. I've had the right shoes all along! All that to say, this is why it's taken me a year to do this project. All I actually needed to buy was the gold rope. I already had the shoes, feathers, tulle, tassels, and beads (which I didn't end up using).

Putting them together was simple enough, the only thing I needed any real crativity with was the way I tied the rope. After that I tied a piece of tulle to each shoe and attached tassels with a small wire. I still have to find a better way of wearing the feathers besides just sticking them in. I'm thinking of some sort of elastic foot bracelet that I sew the feathers onto. It would have a similar look but I'm hoping they would stay better. I was going to add some shell beads but I think there's enough going on already that it would just look messy. What I really like about these is that everything's detachable so I can wear them normally again if I ever got bored of this look, which won't be too soon!
Wearing Ross dress worn as blouse, vintage skirt, AA leggings, and DIY'd BeBe platforms


Goodle. said...

WOW! Your DIY pair looks better than LV pair!! i especially like the lace and the tassle on the heels! Awesome job, and thanks for the very sweet comment :))

Goodle x

Etrapar said...

good job darling! I love them! what a creative ideea! ^.^
kisses and have a lovely wekend!

Jeni said...

Wow, what an inspiration - those DIY heels of yours are amazing!

Great blog, i'd love it if you'd like to exchange links :)

Vanessa said...

so clever! i love it!

Mekinking said...

truly spicy :) the shoes look quite complicated but still I really love your idea, I thought that you actually have one of those famous Vuittons ;)

Alecca Rox said...

great job! I'd have never guessed it's a diy!! loved this post.

Valencia Lia said...

I love love your blouse with that red skirt,its so beautiful!

I wanted to ask where youb got those lovely heels from and read on further that it was a DIY ! Wowww,you did it so perfectly:)

Its really gorgeous! Got to sit down and DIY some of my heels<3
I did DIY one pair of heels a long time back. Its time to start again

Fashion Chalet said...

I love those shoes, what a great idea. I want some like that!!! <3

I also love the choice of red clothing and the backdrop for the pictures as well.


thesydneygirl said...

sexy girl! omgoodness! you diy'd those? i didn't realise till i saw the end of the post - that's how real they look! great work lovely <3

Violet said...

great diy!

Vi from Cali

Coco said...

I can't believe it! Before I scrolled down, I thought they were store-made! Amazing!

Frock Around the Clock said...

You are a DIY genius! They look amazing! Perfect statement shoe and the background you've used for these shots really seems to tie in nicely! :) x

Alice said...

Ooh you crafty one, you! Nice job.

THANK YOU for the comment. I'm very proud of those goggles, teehee. They were his birthday present last year (yeah, he's my boyfriend).


p.s. Go look at my latest post. I has a dilemma! (To dye or not to dye?)

Miss Erinna said...

Oh my goodness, your diy-ing is fantastic! The end product looks wonderful! You have a wonderful blog here - very inspiring.
Miss Erinna

syd vicious said...

The debut of the shoes, Yay! Those look wonderful!


Hi babe, your shoes are amazing! I'm now following you with rss feed and blogger and bloglovin, follow me 2 ;)
Come check the new stunning posts! ^^


mecca nuri said...

your DIY shoes rock more than those listed in the post! lol

you're blog is so much fun, loves it :-)

Anonymous said...

really cool diy. great results!

Faboulista said...

these shoes are amazing. i cant believe they are DIY. so hot. u are so talented!