getting ready-

all finished!-

it's..... POISON IVY!!!!

(L-R) Corpse Bride, Poison Ivy, Black Widow, Catwoman, Geisha-

it looks like we planned our costumes to match! haha, he's Peter Pan (he even had the tights!)-

I found my twin!! it's another Poison Ivy!-

Fun night! Poison Ivy was a pretty fun character to portray! My favorite part was the make-up (which took over an hour to put on and almost equally as much time to take off) I think it really added to the much needed costume element. I tried to emulate a twist on the traditional Poison Ivy look. I only saw one other Poison Ivy all weekend and she was a more traditional one.
My first idea was to dress up as Rosie the Riveter (we can do it!) but I just didn't feel very inspired about that. So I decided to be the Morton Salt girl (when it rains it pours!) but nobody is selling yellow dresses this time of year. So when I found this beautiful vintage, emerald (my favorite color), robe I knew I had to be Poison Ivy. It was pretty easy from there because I already had the leggings and make-up, all I needed was ivy- which I got a strand of at the craft store. Sadly the 'leaves' didn't stay on the 'branch' very well so it took me approximately 4 days to hand sew them all onto a sash and headband. Only regret- not having bigger hair! :)
What did you all dress up as? And how was your halloween?


Goodle. said...

You looked really cool! I gotta say way better than the other poison Ivy :D haha

Goodle x

YAIYA said...

YAIYA @ Niviarsiaq: aaawh thanks a lot! i know, haha, it was fantastic how it all worked out so well :) guess im creative;)

ps. ur costume was good as well, great make-up

Frock Around the Clock said...

You look stunning! My old flatmates girlfriend did poison ivy a couple of years ago and was nowhere near as good as this. Your hair and make up looks fabulous! I went as Lady Gaga but so did someone else who's blog I read and vice versa and I feel like I've copied her even though I'd thought of it before she mentioned it and I feel awkward putting the pictures up! Here's the link to the facebook album if you are bored - I need to show someone! :) x

Frock Around the Clock said...

They do ship to the US yes - but the shipping is £7.50. I'll let you know what its like and advise you whether it is worth the shipping fee. I take it you haven't seen my massive comment above but that includes my hallowe'en details... and yes we ripped the fire alarm off the ceiling so theres now a bit of a hole up there haha..

Also how can I follow your blog? I always mean to ask and then forget! :) x

Macy said...

omg, you looked so cool! Best halloween costume I've seen so far xo

thesydneygirl said...

hi gorgeous! love your Halloween makeup and costume! fantastic and so creative! big hugs to you. hope you have a great week ahead! <3

Closet Full of Nothing said...

Amazing makeup!!

emilia said...

wow!!! you're so scary :D