I can't even begin to tell you how long I've wanted a pair of brown tights. I saw one of my sisters wearing some a couple days ago (and looking quite glamourous I might add) and I immediately set about to get them for myself. A little over an hour later I walked out of Target extremely happy with a pair of my own. I've worn them for about 3 days straight. After getting these my mind is running wild with other additions I could include in my very small family of tights! A friend mailed me with the link to these really unique tattoo tights and I'm totally infatuated with the idea! My favorite is the pair that says, "Follow me." So beautiful! Also this girl's got a great collection of amazing tights any of which I would love to steal! And we all know Keiko Lynn is queen of tights. Both of those girls make me want to go out on a huge tights rampage and buy every pair in sight.... that's probably a bad thing! haha
Oh! On a side note, the Perricone free giveaway ends today so for anyone in the US go enter here -just leave a comment with your email!
Wearing Gap skirt worn as dress, F21 linen scarf, Target pumps and tights, vintage jewelry


Violet said...

i love this dress on you!!

i always go to target and pick up a pair of bright green leggings but chicken out.

Would you like to exchange links and follow?

Vi from Cali

syd vicious said...

Looking glam! I love that red necklace you are wearing too!

Those tights look sooo cool.

CHICMUSE said...



Monika P. said...

love your red lips!

Monika from J'adore Fashion

Surge said...

You have nice eyes

Anonymous said...

Loove this outfit. So simple. So classic. So classy!

Alecca Rox said...

very chic I must say! ur new tights look lovely over ur cream pumps. brown is such a warm colour for this time of the year...

Style Bird said...

I love this skirt/dress with the tights..i love your necklace too!

Patty Ann said...

totally fabulous outfit!!!!!!!! totally awesome i love it! very cute!

Erin said...

I really love your outfit in this picture! You look beautiful.