Brandy Alexander

I am afraid I must blame my lack of posts on the sun this time. I think an early sunset is the ultimate blogger enemy.
My weekend was good, pretty relaxed. I wish I could have got more done though. I have about 3 "to do" lists by now and am too slowly working on narrowing them all down. I've just started my christmas wish-list which always proves to be an exciting process! And I watched this lovely and horribly sad but still so good movie last night which now makes me want to wear big sweaters with floral skirts and wellies. If you've seen it I'm sure you'd understand! I always seem to procure an incredible amount of clothing inspiration from movies. Some other great films for wardrobe inspiration, which also happen to be great movies on their own, are of course Almost Famous, The Notebook, Factory Girl, and Dirty Dancing. Ok, ok ok! Stop laughing at my girly taste in movies, I can't help it!
So, what do you get inspired by?
Wearing DIY'd sweatshirt skirt, Target tee, second-hand scarf, and Steve Madden platforms
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Dylana said...

This is beautiful! I love how your lips match your sweater! Such a nice color!

hanna said...

Thanks for the lovely comment! :D Haha, I agree early sunsets ARE the blogger enemy #1.

ps. you look so cute :D

Martyna said...

love that the color of scarf and lips are the same.

Becca. said...

gorgeous outfit!
love your blo, i just found it and i really like it!
would you like to link swap?

Valencia Lia said...

Stunning outfit here !

I love love your scarf with your wine red lips:) And those heels are really beautiful!

I get inspired daily by alot of things. Sometimes it can just take a picture to spark something off <3

Ella said...

the color of the scarf is so nice!

Violet said...

i get inspired by blogs and productive people...

i love you facial expression very calm cute look

Vi from Cali

Fashion Chalet said...

I always love photos of one walking down steps, I get flashbacks to Cotillion and Cinderella <3

Pretty shoes.

Thanks for the awesome compliment, dear!! :)


Monika P. said...

gorgeous look!! So classy and fashionable. I love the way you pose to the photos!

Monika from J'adore Fashion

Miss Erinna said...

You look so gorgeous! I love the lipstick and the scarf, so cute. I love the edge of love too, it is a very lovely movie. Although like you said it is so sad!