Greased Lightning

Went to another UO interview today. I think it went pretty well but I was up against a ton of other people this time, so I'm nervous and hoping I made an especially good impression. This time I added to my resume a little by giving them one of my business cards (that sounds so official) and some example posts from the blog. I think/hope he liked it. I'll post my interview outfit later.
I love my bike!!! I've been riding it non-stop since getting it and look for any excuse to go out for a ride, like getting milk or shopping for birthday presents. One tip for the fashionable biker though- wedges are the only heels safe for riding in and I only ever wear them on short trips. It's a really interesting challenge trying to look fashionably functional while biking. These exercise leggings are extremely handy for situations such as this. I really love the pink detailing and the rouching near the bottom, they definitely add to the cuteness aspect!
Target excercise leggings, thrifted top, UO draped cardi, F21 floral skirt, Michael Kors wedges, and DIY'd basket on the bike (yes I did make that)


pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

cute outfit!! great job on that bike's basket, and love the first photo with the light shining on the wheels :)!

Faridah said...

I really hope you get the job! These photos make me want to go out and spend my savings (little there is) and buy myself a cute bike!

YAIYA said...

YAIYA @ Niviarsiaq: omg thanks a thousand times <3<3

PS. want you bike, it's rad

Goodle. said...

Aw this bike reminds me of the Netherlands, everyone has an old school looking bike there! your's is awesome :D

It is hard to look fashionable while biking, i have to agree! Love your skirt (:

Goodle x

Ellie said...

I am very jealous of your bike. It's so cute. And you have a basket! I don't even have a bike. Mine died a few years ago after my first and last bike camping trip. If I didn't live on top of a hill (seriously, both directions from my house are down hills), I would invest in one.

Happy riding! Good luck on your interviews!