Crazy little thing called love

I wish you could feel my excitement right now, I am so in love with these shoes!! They are my dream shoes- they go with all my clothing moods. This has been one of the best weeks in a long time, so much great stuff has happened! The highlights being a new bike, new amazing (can I say that again? amazing) shoes, and something you will all get to read about tomorrow. Can't wait.
This dress was originally empire waisted but I don't really like the way that looks so I cut off the belt that was supposed to go with it. I'm now wearing the waist a little lower and with my own belt. I like it much better this way. I love that feeling when you realize there's a problem and you are able to fix it quickly and easily.
Tonight I intend to watch Grease, make a vegan chocolate birthday cake for one of my friends, and do some yoga.
Wearing F21 denim bubble dress, random tank, vintage necklace, and Michael Kors wood cut-out platforms
ps- I've gone through the fashion blogging official right of passage, anonymous comments :)