Young love

I know it's turning to autumn and all but I may have accidentally fallen in love with the florals of spring. I think this particular dress actually works with the changing of the seasons though, because the colors look very Autumnal. I also recently purchased a beautifully flirtatious floral skirt perfect for pairing with leather jackets and cropped tops. I really can't decide wether I'd rather it be earlier in the summer or later in the fall! Is anyone else having this same dilemma or is it just me?
Wearing J. Crew floral dress, AA v-neck tee, and Target nude pumps
Ps- does anyone know of a better place I can score a pair of nude pumps? Preferably platforms! This pair from Target just isn't working for me.


syd vicious said...

That dress is super cute on you!

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

i don't own anything orange and after seeing you wear this adorable dress, it's my new goal! :D

Eva Internazionale said...

I really like this dress!

Carolyn said...