The times they are a changing

  • I kind if adore this skirt. If I go to Coachella this year I am so bringing it.
  • I've been getting bored of my music selection so if you have any suggestions for music you love or think I'd love, please let me know! here's my current top 30 songs so you can see what I like, but really I would listen to anything.
  • I got a free military dog-tag necklace at the fair last week and since then It's become one of my favorite peices. I found a place you can order and customize them online for really cheap if you want one of your own.
  • Just discovered a couple of super cool blogs I'm really inspired by. Here's the links: Pepper & ChipsZanitaSex & Coffeecocorosa, and Late Afternoon
Wearing Zara motorcycle vest, AA tee, F21 floral skirt and cuff, Steve Madden platform booties, and vintage clutch


pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

you look gorgeous as always!
i love the badass leather and pretty florals!! love it!

Alice said...

Possibly my favorite of yours.

Songs I am currently loving: Brett Dennen - Ain't No Reason, She's Mine, and, well, just about anything by him.

Paolo Nutini - Last Request


Alice said...

OH and the Ting-Tings. BUY THAT ALBUM if you like their music at all. It's beast.

syd vicious said...

AHHHH I love this outfit! That vest is badass. And I unfortunately don't have any pictures of my mama in her 80's dresses. :( I gotta dig around for those next time I visit her.

YAIYA said...

great shoes!!

Karina said...

great blog! love your attitude: no matter what size or labels. you really know how to dress. love all your outfit :)

Eva Internazionale said...

I love your yellow clutch! Beautiful color.

sharnae' said...

I was just looking at a few older post and whatnot & I must say you look gorgeous Niv! You're skin is just glowing girl...

Jowy said...

This look pure rock & roll! LOVEIT!

One Love,

Niviarsiaq said...

hey sharnae! I can't read either of your blogs :( mind sending me an invite?
thanks for the nice comment! you are so sweet! <3

Alice said...

Mod eyes reply:

I KNOWWWW. I cannot do them right either. All I can do is a little winged liner and lots of mascara. We must learn to do proper mod eyes. How does Twiggy not look like an idiot with black lines on her face, but I'm quite sure I would? haha :)

Natalie said...

You look so freaking cool! I LOVE the leather vest so much! very rock n roll :)


Patty Ann said...

this outfit rocks

Nik said...

Man you have been looking fly as hell!!
Music suggestion, anyone on my blog...but I really think you would like "Little Dragon"

Faridah said...

You look so gorgeous! I love your outfit. x