Art school drop-out

I'm so, so sorry about the lack of updates lately! I've just been so busy- or would lazy be a better word? Anyway, I'm determined to post much more frequently from now.
The first autumn rains have swept the city (after these photos were taken) and I simply cannot stop thinking about how lovely it would be to have a cream motorcycle jacket, blazer, and peacoat, yes all three. I have yet to understand why I still don't have much cream in my wardrobe after all my dreaming about it. Comfort zones are addictive. I suppose as I got dressed this morning I must have had that thought in the back of my head wedged somewhere between nostalgic memories of this summer's adventures and dark thoughts about the horrors of algebra. Being a girl of some shape, I usually don't go for an all around tight fitted look. But today, as I rummaged through my closet, this dress was the only thing that really seemed to- fit.
Wearing body-con dress from Twisted, second-hand orange sweater, Target nude pumps, and F21 chained watch

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Alice said...

haha Pizza Hut!

but really, you look nice in white.