I spent my day drinking coffee, filling out applications, looking for wolf shirts on eBay, and wishing my hair was magically longer and looked like MK Olsen's.
I'm bored, I've been doing the same things for like 3 days now!
Oh!! But I did watch Working Girl and totally fell in love with that whole 80's look.
Note to self: talk to hair stylist sister about crimping my hair.
by the way, I've looked and re-looked at the Topshop website multiple times and I can't find the infamous Ashish wedges!! Does anyone know where I can find them?
These columns remind me of the adobe huts I saw while traveling through New Mexico. It was such a unique and beautiful state, I wish I could have gotten more pictures of it!
Wearing vintage blouse and scarf, Express cut-offs (a new staple) and clutch, Target tights, and Charlotte Russe studded t-strap platforms


Tabitha Sheridan said...

You look lovely, loving the turquoise!! xx

Anonymous said...

I love the lighting here, its so September-y and nostalgic. Loving the 80's too, 80's brick lane style is one of my FAVOURITES. Sorry for not talking in a bit, new blog and such requite A LOT oF EFFORT (I was Magic Doll).

Dylana said...

You play with color beautifully! Great blog!

Alex Dom said...

love the look!

Eva Internazionale said...

I love your scarf.

Frock Around the Clock said...

I can't believe your bike got stolen! A cute vintage one would help to ease the pain though... We were hoping to do a bit of a mix - shopping and sight seeing so if you can remember any of your favourites let me know and we'll try and squeeze them into the trip!

The lighting here is amazing and really complements the colours you have chosen for your outfit! :) x

Mekinking said...

you have one amazing blouse!

Patty Ann said...

cute top!!!!!!
hahahah any one who doesn't read blogs would be "why is she looking for wolf shirts!" hahaha you made me laugh, ur awesome

Nubiasnonsense said...

love your shirt and shoes you look great

Emilia said...

well... original;]

syd vicious said...

Wow, Beautiful pictures!!

Valencia Lia said...

Adore your mix of colors with this outfit !!

You're looking beautiful girl ! Love love those heels girl <3