Smells like teen spirit

Hah! I feel so cliched using that title for this post, it just seemed to fit.
This outfit was inspired by a couple pictures I saw a long time ago from a rave, it also kind of reminds me of Aggy Deyn. What can I say? I was in a random mood! I got this shirt ages ago and used to wear it every day but now it doesn't go with my style as much. For some reason I always keep the things I used to love hoping perhaps that I'll find a way to fit them in somehow. I guess that closet space wasn't wasted after all!
Ok, so I have a question, I'm putting together a fall clothing wish list and was wondering if there's anything you think I would rock? New styles, colors, shapes, materials I need more of in my closet? I'd love your advice if you have any!
Wearing Target shirt from forever ago, Vintage leopard cardi, AE shorts, and F21 silver wedges


pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

that flash of animal print on the cardigan is great!! and love your studded cuff too :D

syd vicious said...

Aw you look cute with the little bow in your hair! I love the wedges.