The Adventures of Niv

**WARNING! extremely picture heavy post!** (hey, if you were out for 5 weeks you would take a lot of pictures too!)
Ok, let's start from the beginning, this is the very first day in Yosemite-

Our first night out on the trail-

For my birthday we brought a mango, my favorite cold soup, and a raspberry dessert

I'm 17!!!

Looking back on where we've hiked so far-

My favorite wildflowers-

Sunrise on a beautiful lake (this place had the most amazing beach I've been to)-

Breakfast in bed-

The average breakfast, looks yummy, right! -NOT

Bear proof containers stuffed with food for 10 days-

The most beautiful sunset I've ever seen-

Much needed massages-

Amazing waterfall-

Cliff-side trail-

One of our first views of Mt. Whitney!! We had fun posing with it-

Taking a break for the day-

Haha, check out my dirty legs! That's what happens when you haven't been in civilization for too long-

Making the ascent to Whitney-

We made it to the top!

Enjoying the view (but not the cold)-

Finally done! 220 miles in 5 weeks!

When we got down, the car was all decorated, inside and out. We felt very special!-

It's good to be back :)

ps- sorry I've taken so long to get around to this post!


daniB said...

i am so glad you had such an amazing time!
the scenery is just beautiful (:

i really love the photo of the sunset!
ds;ajkldsfkjldsk gorgeous.

& happy belated birthday!!


Mary said...

wow what a trip. clif bars=weird cramps, in my experience, I guess it's that they're so fiber rich.
happy belated birthday!! cool that you're homeschooled, I was for a year and it was the best. do you do online courses or any sort of co-op?

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

wow, our school camps are never this hectic!!! you got to do so much cool stuff, such beautiful scenery too :)

somedaynewyorker said...

I love camping. Your pictures really makes me want to go camping.

astruc said...