Part 2

Inspiration part two.
I'm feeling sick today and not really in the mood for taking photos but here's a bunch of photos I keep revisiting for inspiration. Enjoy!
Natasha's Soiree, Mutima, What Is Reality Anyway, Le Fashion, The Sartorialist, Fashion Toast


Natasha said...

Thank you for linking me!!

Ray TETAUIRA said...

absolutely delightfull

Emma said...

you have a lovely blog!
i especially like the outfit in the first photo..the shorts and shoes are so cool!

daniB said...

ahhh you're feeling sick too?
same here! i hate it :P
well i hope you get better soooon!

& i love the first photo along with the fifth one.
i feel a DIY for the star shorts(:


Taru Tuomi said...
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syd vicious said...

oooh great inspiration!

Alice said...

Oh I really like these. LOVE the first one.