In the nude

I've been wanting one of these nude tops for ages. It's always seemed like the perfect combination of functional and super sexy which makes it the best of both words. We'll see how it works out in my wardrobe.
On another note, I so wish I could have been at Coachella! That would have been unreal!

Also check out this scene from one of my favorite movies ever, "10 Things I Hate About You." looks like so much fun!

Wearing an AA nude top, F21 ruffled collar jacket and ruby ring, black skirt from JCPenny's, Steve Madden grey pumps, and a DIY'd chain necklace


Frock Around the Clock said...

I love your blog too! You were the first person who I didn't already know to comment on mine so I'll love it for ever and ever! Loving the nude top - I bet there's the odd person who does a double take when you are walking down the street just to check it's there haha - it looks great!

And YESSSSSSSS 10 Things I hate about You! LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE oh but poor heath... :( It is just the best movie ever though so thanks for this!

Sorry for this rather long and jumbled comment! :) x

Ellie said...

I love 10 things. One of my favourite movies!

I love your outfit. Glam poses! The high wasted skirt and ruffled blazer are so gorgeous. And the nude top is classy and sexy.

bare.peppermint.fashions said...

yes, the nude is very sexy! i'll have to try it out myself. hee hee. and that spot where they filmed the paintball scene, i've been there! they built the whole thing around this old mill in a park in seattle.

Alice said...

DUDE. They're making a 10 Things TV SERIES.

I am sure it will be AWFUL and will KILL the wonderful movie that is 10 Things.

It's filled with a bunch of Disney cast-offs.

Damn ABC.

Chloe said...

I lovee your outfit!

Mary said...

hope this doesn't sound odd, but what a great top! you look sooo good.