Losing my mind

I keep losing stuff. I lost my keys, my favorite lipstick, a tank-top, a work apron, it's horrible! I'm going crazy or something! Oh, and while we are on the subject of going crazy, I'll pretty much just be saving money from now till June so I will have to use major self control. I guess that's what DIYs and the Goodwill are all about then. Yay! I just love summer camp! lol
Random stuff I'm really into these days- BleachBlack, Lykke Li, Hot Topic, and all these freakin' boots -which I can't have becuase I'm saving. Keep focused Bumblebee!
blue dress- JCPenny's, black patent shoes- Steve Madden, studded cuff- Hot Topic


Ellie said...

I lost my keys too! No idea how. And then I tried to get a new key cut but apparantly my car key is special and I had to go to 4 places before they could finally cut it. Ridiculous. Good luck saving. I'm in that boat as well.
Love the pattern.

BlueKlein said...

thanks for your comentt sweetie!!

Loved your shoes!!are they like booties?or are they opened in the back??I'm just curious about that lol!!


Frock Around the Clock said...

I'm terrible with losing things.. it is SO annoying!! I also considered saving money but have little will power so I guess thats not going to happen but good luck to you! I want your entire shoe collection! :) x