Dancing Queen

Mom brought this green t-shirt home the other day asking if I wanted it for anything and at first nothing came to mind; but after thinking about it I realised that I could actually recreate something from the Alexander Wang fall runway. It took almost three hours of drawing and cutting hundreds of strips out of a plain old t-shirt to make this dress. It is really tricky to wear and even trickier to actually put on but I am in love with it. I decided to make it really stand out by pairing it with this amazing black leotard.

Coat- J. Crew, Dress- DIY'd, Leotard- AA, Shoes- Steve Madden
The inspiration:


Laroux said...

Wow. That is actually amazing. I'd never be able to customise a tee like that, you've it so well that if it were white it could be the real thing.

Major Clothes Before Hoes love!


Frock Around the Clock said...

This is brilliant! I quite fancy having a crack at this myself.. good work! :) x

Frock Around the Clock said...

That does help a lot thanks! On monday I might be going to this thing to do with "Liverpool Fashion Week" (haha) and I was trying to think of something to wear so if I get a chance over the weekend I'll try and create something like this. I also really wanted to make like a hair clip thing out of a zip.. make it to look like a flower sort of thing.. its an idea anyway! Trip to the haberdashery for me tomorrow! :) x

Alice said...

oh my goodness deary!

that's talent right there.