I love this leather jacket. It is perfect for the rainy weather because It keeps me warm and dry. Unfortunately there is no hood so I either need a hooded layer underneath or an umbrella (or I just deal with it -like today!) But as I took these pictures I was wondering, what do all my fellow fashion bloggers do about taking pictures when it rains/snows etc.? I'm curious.

Shirt, jacket- Target
Jeans- JCPenny's
Scarf- second-hand
Shoes- Steve Madden


She's Dressing Up said...

I love this scarf!!
I hate it when the weather intervenes with taking photos!

Laroux said...

Great leather jacket - none of my jackets are hooded either so I have to do the whole layering thing ... umbrellas out smart me lol


Frock Around the Clock said...

Ah the rain always messes up pictures! My favourite rain picture is when me and my friends went to a theme park and we had to resort to terrible raincoats with hoods up. We all look like fishermen on it its really funny. It rained that much my umberella rusted and we got rusty rain on us! I'm sure thats not supposed to happen. Love the jacket! x