Wade In The Water

I need to dye my hair again. I like the blond thing (although it was supposed to be white!) so I'm gonna stick with it for a while more. But I am thinking of putting in a nice thick section of black this time. If my job will let me that is. So much drama!

Jacket- vintage Nordstrom's
Pants- Ross
Scarf- from a little Indian shop down in L.A.
Shoes, belts- second-hand
Earrings- Claire's


Alice said...

Now this, THIS is fabulous. Fierce. Go get 'em girl.


p.s. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :)

p.p.s. your sister Carolyn is adorable in the post below this! She looks so spring-y and fresh. I love her coat.

Chester said...

I like your hair!

Chester said...

Your pictures are very pretty too!

Laroux said...

I love the bright colour of your scarf - I'm always picking up scarves in Indian shops, they're always filled with great finds at low prices!