Golden Girls

I feel awfully repetitous. I think it is that dreadful time of the year when I start to get bored of my winter wardrobe. This boredom does however produce an intersting effect in that I try to be more creative with my clothing. The effect of this creativity still remains to be seen but I can feel it deep down when I look into my closet. Maybe thats why I have so many ideas for outfit projects!

Shirt- Target
Jeans- JCPenny's
Shoes- Steve Madden
Belt- Ross
Earrings- Forever 21
Best Dressed at the Golden Globes (in my opinion)-
Top left- Kate Winslet
Top left center- Kate Beckinsale
Top right center- Anne Hathaway
Top right- Melissa George
Bottom left- Rumor Willis
Bottom left center- Laura Dern
Bottom right center- Eva Mendes
Bottom right- Maggie Gyllenhaal


Appeal to the Eye said...

Helloooooo there sweety!

Are you interested in exchanging links?

would be nice

Much Love
Verena Stefanie

frankie-lou and tallulah said...

maggie gyllenhaals dress was a favourite of mine :)