Weekend fantastical

This week has been crazy! I am helping backstage for a Christmas production, working, and doing school, there is never a time I don't have a project. Therefore today you get a triple post (so I can relax about not updating enough and you can see what I've been wearing these past few days).
Today- I love that my hair brightens up every outfit no matter how monochromatic it is. I adore this skirt!
Shirt- Target, Skirt- Target, Leggings- Ross, Shoes- Isaac Mizrahi

Saturday- I love this jacket! You can't see very well in the picture but it has some army details on it which match the shoes.
Jacket- Forever 21, Dress- Forever 21, Leggings- Ross, Shoes- Wal-Mart, Necklace- second-hand

Friday- I have a hard time with this scarf because currently it matches my haircolor, but generally I like it. (By the way, if you ever wondered what I look like with no make-up today is your lucky day)
Scarf- second-hand, Shirt- Target, Skirt- Ross, Leggings- Target, Shoes- JCPenny's

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astruc said...

The black and white outfit is cute, but the fitted velvet blazer over the denim sack dress is the big winner. SO MUCH cute!