The lovelies

Today is a bad hair day. My outfit is lovely but my hair simply will not do. Therefore today, no outfit photos. I will however share with you some of my favorite street style pictures of late.
Top left- I love the tartan dress, I would wear it for christmas if it didn't cost $310 The Fashionist
Top middle- Totally a fan of the sequin trend when done right, this is done right! Garance Dore
Top right- I have been on a hunt for the perfect men's jacket, I love this one Garance Dore
Bottom left- Love the sleeves, so cute how they are pouffy like that The Fashionist
Bottom middle- This coat is so beautiful! The color is just gorgeous The Sartorialist
Bottom right- Every-time I've shown this picture to someone they've said it looks like me, I rather like her outfit Stylesightings

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