I sprained my ankle and now I am hopping around on one leg (crutches would be more efficient). Normally I wouldn't mind too much but this is horrible timing. For two reasons, first- I have this fabulous dress Mom made me for Christmas and it only looks good in heels! Which obviously I probably can't wear. The second reason is that my sister's birthday is he day after Christmas and we are going swing dancing with the entire family which I am so excited about. Let's hope I am feeling drastically better over-night!
P.S. I finally finished getting and wrapping my gifts!

Cardigan- Ross
Shirt- Thrifted
Jeans- JCPenny's
Scarf- made by my sister
Shoes-  second-hand
Hair-clip- Hot Topic

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astruc said...

You look GORGEOUS!!! I love your hair! Merry Christmas, too, and say hi to your younger sister J.