It must be winter. This is three days in a row now that I have worn a scarf. I guess it is becuase winter is really the only time you can get away with wearing one without overheating yourself or risk looking like an eskimo- at least here in California. I am a big fan of the scarf though. I guess because it is versatile and can 'awaken' a simple outfit. But maybe it's worn more in the winter because winter colors tend to be more monochromatic and a colored scarf can really brighten one's look. What ever the case may be I am definately taking advantage of the season!
Scarf- second-hand
Shirt- Target
Jeans- Ross
Shoes- second-hand
Belt- Ross
Bracelet- second-hand

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syd vicious said...

Oh you look cute! The scarf looks great with your hair. :)