Shady ladies

I have been looking over the Spring, Summer 2009 runways and noticing a pattern in eyewear. There are a bunch designers displaying new and different sunglasses for next season. The variations are endless but one in particular is with wide and embellished rims.
Top left- Vera Wang
Top middle- Louis Vuitton
Top right- Marni
Bottom left- Dolce & Gabbana
Bottom middle- Zac Posen
Bottom right- Lanvin

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Marie said...

The hippy era would have been fun, an also sad, to live in. I guess I have mixed feelings about it. But there style really is inspiring. So is grunge, punk, beatnik, etc. I am not actually taking a class on fashion, i just really liked what i was reading in this book about fashion and so decided to share it.
You have a really interesting blog (in a good way). Where do you get your ideas?