Almost Lover

So, because I can't post an outfit shot, this is what I've been up to. I love experimenting with hair styles and my little sisters are good subjects. On the top left is probably one of my favorite styles I've done. In the middle we have "Manolo Blahnik Drawings" an amazing coffee table book full of pictures and quotes I've been drooling over. On the right is an Oscar De La Renta Fall, Winter 08-09 look. One of my older sister's has asked me to "re-invent her style." I am basing her new look off the Michael Kors, Oscar De La Renta, and Diane Von Furstenburg Fall runways.
On the right is the raspberry dessert I mentioned a few posts back. It was delicious! In the middle is "Diane: A Signature Life" by Diane Von Furstenburg which I have been reading. To put it as simply as I can- that woman is amazing. And lastly I am considering doing white hair for the holidays. It is more natural I think than the red I have now so my job wouldn't be too annoyed. Here is the problem though, I would like to wait until at least mid-December before I dye it so that it looks fresh for the holidays and I don't have dark roots growing in but that means it will be almost a month from now and that my job wouldn't like.

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astruc said...

Think about a dark glossy color, like a mahogany chestnut. I think that would really make your eyes pop.