I have been thinking about a few things lately. I look at quite a few fashion blogs everyday and by doing this I am surrounded with many different angles on how people view fashion. This causes me to raise some questions.
-How does one dress expensively while shopping inexpensively?
-Is it actually possible to be unique in the fashion world when it is so wide-spread?
-Does everyone have only one, may I call it, "genre" of style? e.g. If you find that you like and tend to shop for a lot of preppy clothing can you also overlap into a more indie "genre" of style or do the two never collide?
-How does one write about fashion in such a way as to convey a small point while using a large vocabulary without boring the reader with what is perhaps unnecessary explanation?
-What does it take to become style icon?

Yesterday I went to San Fransisco with my sister and cousin. I will post a few pictures from the trip later today.

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